Divine Flooring offers a high energy and fun working environment that fosters team work and both personal and professional growth.

What's it like to work at Divine Flooring? Walk through the front door and you'll know right away. You'll feel the excitement. We are a young and progressive company that puts the right teams on the field with the right projects, and gives them the play book to score touchdowns... again and again. For us, it's all about teamwork. We appreciate what each player has to offer, and provide the coaching needed to bring out the best in that individual. Through regular team huddles we work out the plays that will get us across the end zone every time, building our brand's success.

When you join our team we start by asking, "What excites you about what we do? Where do you see yourself on the field?" We listen to you, then we match up your interests and talents with opportunities that build on these qualities. Our goal is to help you make the right plays that help us score as a team. So far, we're doing a pretty good job of winning the playoffs each year.

And there's one thing more you should know about Divine... We have fun off the field. You'll see it the moment you walk into our employee recreation room, equipped with a pool table. You'll hear it in the banter between workouts in our fully equipped gym. You'll share it at our teambuilding activities - and yes, they can be wild and crazy sometimes! And you'll experience it at our phenomenal fundraising events.

Come in and talk to us. Feel the energy. Find out about the medical and dental benefits we provide. Get a glimpse of our team spirit, and find out more about our playbook, which helps our people create the lives they want to live.

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