The hottest trend in flooring is wide plank. Wider, longer planks can make rooms appear larger and convey a sense of luxury. It’s the perfect way to provide a solid foundation for a modern look with clean lines and natural materials. Longer and wider planks in a matte finish also greatly enhance a modern rustic look, bringing out the wood’s natural grain.

The wonders of width. Extra wide planks work beautifully in large, open, modern spaces. Utilizing a larger area of the wood, they reveal more grain and shading variations than you would see on smaller sheets. It’s an ideal way to feature the unique character of a particular wood.

The luxury of length. The extended length of these planks means that fewer are needed to complete the flooring, resulting in fewer lines on the floor. For this reason, they can make rooms appear larger while creating a sense of opulence.

Explore the wide-plank options in a variety of textures and appearances within our standard Cosmopolitan and Farmhouse Collections.