Jamie Beckwith Collection presents Ingresso, an intimate capsule collection of wood surfacing inspired by the beauty, art, architecture and design of mid century Italy. Fluid and feminine while remaining masculine in material, Ingresso comes alive with the illustrative artwork of artist Hannah Chan. The illustrations tell a story through colorful fashion and stylized interiors, while sparking the viewers imagination with an inventive combination of photography and art.
“ When I happened upon the works of Ms. Chan, I was immediately struck by her ability to infuse her drawings with such emotion, along with removing the boundaries of language. I knew the combination of photography and illustration would allow us inclusivity; a view into a space and place created within our minds . A vision not only indicative of Italy and its beauty but a chance to realize our wood surfacing within each individuals’ own perception.”
Welcome to an exclusive entry into Italian architectural passages that delight the senses with curve, pattern and musical fluidity imbedded within the cut and shape of 6 individual wood ornamental patterns.