The Couture Collection by Windsor Smith unites the artistry of Jamie Beckwith Collection with Smith’s fashion-forward sense for remixing what’s classic in bold new ways. This inventive wood surfacing collection for walls and floors redefines iconic patterns ranging from traditional chevrons to Cubist-inspired trompe l’oeil parquets.
Unique for its fluid geometries, proprietary smoked and fumed finishes, engraved woods and precious metal embellishments, Couture is both a luxurious and playful selection of five distinct patterns. All are offered in quarter and rift sawn cuts of white oak whose grain movement and tactile variations are heightened via an intoxicating palette of colorful layered stains and European finishing waxes.
The result is a product mindful of a time when quality and hand artistry were synonymous with luxury. Every stain is custom-mixed, every hue and material combination artfully edited, every facet sculpturally discerned. With this cache of truly signature pieces, Windsor Smith and Jamie Beckwith hope their Couture Collection inspires you to create your own design story… A story that is unique, personal and filled with timeless artistry