Seven Creative Ways to Use Flooring That Don’t Involve the Floor

October 08, 2019

Seven Creative Ways to Use Flooring That Don’t Involve the Floor

Why should your feet have all the fun?

Beautiful flooring is nirvana to the toes and candy to the eyes, connecting the flow of your home’s rooms.

But it can be so much more, says Divine Flooring’s Calgary showroom manager Ashley Scott. She highlights these creative ways to use flooring.

1. Look up … look way up

When you wake up in the morning, how calming to see a beautiful ceiling detail of floor planks instead of boring stubble. Installing wood planking on the ceiling offers a warm, design feature sure to catch guests’ attention.

Ceiling inset with parquet de versailes harwood

2. Close the barn door behind you (so you can get a better look at it)

Using floor planks to create spectacular barn doors is one of the applications Scott says is growing in popularity thanks to HGTV shows and the boom of social media platforms such as Pinterest and Instagram. “Consumers are way more savvy and already know what they want before they come in.”

Barn Door made with Farmhouse wood floor planks

3. These planks are made for walking — up the stairs.

Whether it’s stair risers or treads, wood planks add sophistication and unique detailing while continuing the upscale flow of your floors. You will feel like a queen or king ascending the majesty of a curvaceous staircase, or you can add clean, bright lines with light floor planks.

Karin Bohn staircase made from flooring material

4. Shelves and storage can be beautiful, too

Yes, we all need storage. But instead of just taking up space, storage can be a thing of beauty, as award-winning Vancouver designer Stephanie Brown shows in this backdrop for sports gear or as a backdrop on the kitchen island in this Whistler vacation property.

A coat rack with storage bench made from Shanghai Sunrise hardwood flooring
A kitchen island  support made with Shanghai Sunrise hardwood flooring

5. Lookin’ out the window

Grab a book, put your feet up, and enjoy the view out your window, sitting on the window seat created from floor planks. Saskatoon’s Haven Builders created this beautiful window seat — and added storage, too!

A window seat with storage made using Naked hardwood planks

6. TImberrrrrr!

Create timber beams from floor planks for beautiful architectural features — Scott suggests also just wrapping a beam with floor planks. They can highlight inlays over a kitchen island with a dropdown ceiling, or simply add unique ceiling rafters.

A decorative beam made by cladding Des Fleurs hardwood planks to an MDF structure

7. Shelves that float

Offering beauty and purpose, floating shelves from wood planks add a bold accent to the stylish kitchen of this Daytona Homes show home in Edmonton.CNJ Developments

Floating kitchen shelves made with Naked hardwood flooring planks
Floating kitchen shelves made with Naked hardwood flooring planks

8. Did we say seven? There’s so much more…

Scott says floor planks are being used extensively behind great room fireplaces, as insets above bathroom vanities, or as wall accents anywhere in the home. “They add texture, detail and warmth to any room. These touches go a long way towards the esthetic of the home — and to your investment in it. They bring a lot of bang for your buck.”

Whether a customer has caught something on a TV show, on social media or seen it in a new show home, Scott says Divine Flooring can make it happen in their home.

And all these great finishing details are possible because of Divine Flooring’s in-house wood working shop — “it is not just a woodworking shop, they are talented carpenters,” says Scott, adding that the companies team or installers are artisans as well.

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