Here's why 'Naked' floors are already a hot trend of 2020

February 03, 2020

Here's why 'Naked' floors are already a hot trend of 2020

Going 'naked' - for hardwood floors - is a big design trend of 2020

It's a trend that Ashley Scott, Showroom Manager for Divine Flooring, says reflects buyer's overall search for products that are attractive, while being more sustainable and environmentally friendly. 

"They want wood to look like wood," she says.

So what does going 'au naturel' mean for the floors and overall design of your home, whether contemporary, traditional or rustic? Here are some examples:

1. Traditional

Classic meets class. With a matte finish, Naked natural hardwood from Divine's Cosmopolitan line adds to the movie-ready looks showcased in a stunning, timeless staircase or in the simple, clean lines of the traditional white kitchen, augmented by the detailed mouldings, hardware and personal touches of colour.

White walls and moulding in a traditional home with natural white oak hardwood on staircase

Photo credit: Michelle Johnson Photography

2. Rustic

Divine's Naked European Oak from its Cosmopolitan Collection - the store's most popular choice - complements the rustic design of a living area, with its exposed brick painted white, wood ceiling beams and layers of natural fabrics and tonal textures. The floors, with a matte finish and a few knots, bring the cozy room together without overwhelming the space.

Living room with wooden ceiling beams exposed brick fireplace painted white and natural white oak hardwood floors

Photo credit: Nicole Gerhardt Photography

A natural flooring can also highlight black stained cabinets and farmhouse chairs, wicker pieces and white shiplap in the kitchen.

Farmhouse style kitchen with white shiplap, black cabinetry and natural white oak hardwood floors

3. Contemporary

A modern, sophisticated bedroom can sport even cleaner and chic lines with the addition of a chevron pattern in natural colouring. Melissa Ennis Design of Edmonton combined traditional elements with a minimalist approach in this bedroom renovation featuring the Naked European Oak in a chevron pattern.

Contemporary-bedroom-chevron-oak-hardwood-natural Photo credit: Tracey Jazmin Photography

4. Speaking of patterns...

Using popular design patterns can bring additional style to your 'naked' floor. Whether using chevron, herringbone or parquet, Scott says there is a floor pattern to suit any size or style of room or home. 

Interior Designer Karin Bohn created a parquet insert in the same colour as the main floor hardwood resulting in an area rug-like detail in the dining room of this estate home in Southlands. The natural tone of the hardwood pairs well with the gold accents used throughout the Art Deco inspired home. 

Art Deco Inspired Dining Room in Vancouver with ornate ceiling molding and parquet hardwood floors

Photo credit: Amanda Oster, Provoke Studios

5. The tiny trend

Speaking of size, the notion that design should work for any sized space has been embraced by North American lifestyle influencers Monika and Troy Hibbs. The Canadian husband and wife duo unveiled their own tiny home store (on wheels), which includes Naked hardwood as a backdrop for the abundance of white and pastel accents throughout the small space. They wanted a floor that was aesthetically pleasing without detracting from their store's merchandise. 

Monika Hibbs Tiny Home Store with Naked Natural HardwoodMonika Hibbs Tiny Home Store with Naked Natural Hardwood


Growing popularity

The natural flooring trend started in Europe and has stretched across all of North America. It's not surprising that what is trending in Toronto and New York is also trending in Vancouver and Calgary, says Scott.

"In Europe, while you can find any sized house, they are traditionally smaller, with a more minimalist, chic look."

All buyer demographics have embraced the classic and more natural and organic finishes, Scott says; they're not only easier to maintain because they are generally lighter, but they can also be easily refreshed by simply changing a room's accessories. 

"Floors really have become the centrepiece of the home," Scott says. "We often have people bring in cabinet samples to the store and fit it with their floor. There will always be new trends, but I believe the natural look is truly classic and will withstand the test of time."


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