The digital age transforms the timeless quality of wood. Relevant, whimsical and hip describes Chat. As with digital information, the wood is encoded with the history of the tree. Shapes, text symbols, emojis, music notes, company logos or any script can be custom created for a one of a kind art installation. Let your imagination run wild with the possibilities. Custom design fees apply.

Quarter Sawn White Oak
White Oak
Stains on white oak
Mist | White Oak
Pickled Pearl | White Oak
Polished Amber | White Oak
Dolphin | White Oak
Grey moonstone | White Oak
Gris | White Oak
Smokey Quartz | White Oak
Sapphire | White Oak
Slate | White Oak
Black Onyx | White Oak
Stains on walnut
Mist | Walnut
Pickled Pearl | Walnut
Polished Amber | Walnut
Dolphin | Walnut
Grey Moonstone | Walnut
Smokey Quartz | Walnut
Sapphire | Walnut
Black Onyx | Walnut